Power of Attorney Forms

To act on someone else’s behalf, at the pharmacy or the bank for example, you need written permission.

While the person in your care can verbally authorize the pharmacy to share information with you, we recommend getting that permission in writing, so you can use it in different places.

The following provinces and territories offer downloadable templates to help you do this.

Note: A “power of attorney for property” is different from a “power of attorney for personal care” (sometimes called a “proxy,” “directive,” “personal directive,” or “representation agreement,” depending on your province or territory). Powers of attorney for personal care are required in the event that the person in your care no longer has the ability to make their own decisions. Powers of attorney for personal care may be more common in situations of mental health issues or cognitive decline. These should be discussed with your family doctor or a legal advisor.


Download Authorizing a “Delegate” form (for personal care):

Short form

Long form

Download Enduring Power of Attorney template (for property)

There are no standard provincial forms for this territory.

Download Enduring Power of Attorney template (for property)

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