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Pharmacist - Professional support

Supporting your profession—and patients in your community.

Patient support programs

Patient support for Copaxone®

Use our personalized support program to help patients with multiple sclerosis.
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Patient support for Cinqair™

Personalized, support, training and education to those who have been prescribed Cinqair™.
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Patient support for Truxima®

Personalized support for patients who have been prescribed Truxima®.
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Patient support for Ajovy™

Personalized support for patients who have been prescribed Ajovy™.
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Teva-Fentanyl Patch Return Program

Help ensure patients' correct usage and safe disposal of Teva-Fentanyl patches.
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Teva-Teriparatide Patient Care Program

Help enrol patients starting treatment with Teva-Teriparatide.
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Teva-Fingolimod Patient Care Program

Help enrol patients starting treatment with Teva-Fingolimod.
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Tools for patient support

Counselling checklists

Provide patients with instructions on how to administer common pharmaceutical products.
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Educational programs for children

Check out our fun, age-appropriate tools to teach children potentially life-saving lessons.
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Health and wellness resources

Browse resources on specific health conditions and general wellness for patients and caregivers.
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Facts about generic medicines

Get the facts about the safety and effectiveness of generic drugs.
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Caregiver support programs

Caregiver-friendly pharmacy program

Explore tools to help you implement a caregiver support program in your pharmacy.
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Resources for caregiver support

Access our caregiver support materials.
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Continuing education

Caregiver-friendly pharmacy training program

Learn to identify and support caregivers as clients in their own right.
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Generic Drugs: Addressing patient concerns with confidence

Help patients remain confident that they are taking the correct medication.
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Management of unipolar depression

Increase your confidence in identifying and counselling patients who have depression.
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Immunization and injection training

Gain the background and practical knowledge required to administer injections to patients.
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Counselling guides

Educate patients and caregivers about risks and treatment strategies of various conditions.
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Administering Injections to Young Children (Ontario only)

Gain confidence to safely and effectively administer injections to children aged five and below.

Injection administration video series

Be prepared for any injection request with these short, practical demonstrations of how to administe...
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