Teva-Fentanyl Patch Return Program

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Through the Teva-Fentanyl Patch Return Program, you can engage and collaborate with your patients to ensure that Teva-Fentanyl patches are used correctly and disposed of safely.

In this program, patients receive a Teva-Fentanyl Patch Return Sheet when they fill their prescription. They tape each used Teva-Fentanyl patch to this sheet and return the used patches to the pharmacy. When filling their next prescription, the patient will receive a number of new patches equal to the number returned. This reduces the opportunity for abuse and diversion, and the number of patches circulating in your community.

Program support materials and resources

Tools and information to ensure patches are used correctly and disposed of safely.

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Information for pharmacists

Explaining the program to patients prescribed Teva-Fentanyl.

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Information for physicians

Program tips for physicians prescribing Teva-Fentanyl.

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ACT Buprenorphine/Naloxone Guide for Prescribers

For physicians who initiate, maintain or discontinue buprenorphine/naloxone maintenance therapy.

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