Truxima® Teva Support Solutions® (Truxima® TSS)

A comprehensive program that provides personalized support to patients who have been prescribed Truxima®.

Through this simple and effective program, patients can speak directly with an expert case manager for advice and answers to a vast array of questions on related topics, such as product information, symptom management, instructions for the first infusion appointment, and treatment coverage.

If you’re a patient, the TSS team works hand-in-hand with you, your physician and other members of your healthcare team. Your case manager will help you begin planning for your first Truxima® infusion and be there whenever you need them along your journey. They will also provide feedback to your doctor about your progress.

Truxima® TSS offers the following services to patients currently on Truxima®:

  • Unique point of contact
  • Reimbursement navigation
  • Financial assistance
  • Site-of-care coordination
  • Infusion appointment scheduling

Healthcare professionals who have prescribed or patients who were prescribed Truxima® may contact our TSS team at the following numbers:

Review the TSS privacy policy