Apps for caregivers

You may find the following apps helpful in gathering, monitoring and sharing information about the person in your care.*


This app allows you to create a personalized website to share health updates with everyone at the same time—and coordinate help. See it at:

Lotsa Helping Hands

With the Help Calendar, you can post requests for support—meals for the family, rides to medical appointments or just stopping by to visit. See it at:


Able to integrate with many wearable tech and medical devices, this app allows you to record and monitor measurements such as blood pressure, oxygen saturation, glucose, etc., as well as medication doses and schedules. See it at:


Manage medications with this app, such as refill reminders and dose tracking, as well as access tools for family and caregiver support. See it at:


*Please note that Teva Canada has not created and does not endorse any of these apps; we have provided their descriptions for informational purposes only.