Preparing for a pharmacist's visit

Pharmacists are important allies for caregivers because they support the treatment of the person in your care. Pharmacists can be easier to access than medical professionals; many do not require an appointment. Repeat visits to pick up medications can mean excellent opportunities for support, information and exchange. Pharmacists can provide guidance on understanding a diagnosis and the treatment process, and help with strategies for medication reminders and what to do if the person in your care is resisting taking their medications. They can also help when you have concerns that the prescribed medication is not having a positive impact or you experience side effects that are difficult to manage.

“Preparing for a Pharmacist’s Visit” checklist

Guide for using this checklist:

Access to information

  • Where possible, ensure that the person in your care indicates to the pharmacist that they want you to have access to their medical information and that this is noted in their file.

  • In the case of incapacity, be prepared to provide legal documentation of your power of attorney or mandate. Find downloadable templates for your province in the section below.

Involve the person in your care

  • It’s helpful, where possible, to complete this checklist with the person in your care.

Empower yourself

  • Takes notes during the appointment so you have a record.

  • When note-taking, indicate if you have follow-up questions that will help you clarify information being shared by the pharmacist.

“Preparing for a Pharmacist’s Visit” checklist


“Tracking My Support Network" worksheet

To help you track your support network, download and fill in this worksheet.

Once you’ve filled it in, and every time you update it, you can share it with your pharmacist, your family doctor and other key members of your support network.

This information can be added to a pharmacy record if your pharmacist needs to communicate with other members of your healthcare network.

“Tracking My Support Network” worksheet