Preparing for a Doctor’s Visit

From general practitioners to medical specialists, accompanying a loved one to a doctor’s appointment will be a recurring part of the care experience. To ensure that you get the most from the time with your doctor, we have prepared the following checklist. Use it anytime you are planning to see a doctor, and keep an active folder of your checklists with responses to your questions, feedback from the doctor or follow-up questions you might have for future appointments.

“Preparing for a Doctor’s Visit” checklist

Guide for using this checklist:

Access to information

  • Where possible, ensure that the person in your care indicates to the doctor that they want you to have access to their medical information and that this is noted in their file.
  • In the case of incapacity, be prepared to provide legal documentation of your power of attorney or mandate. Find downloadable templates for your province in the section below.

Involve the person in your care

  • It’s helpful, where possible, to complete this checklist with the person in your care.

Inform your doctor

  • If you can, provide a copy of the checklist in advance to your doctor.

Empower yourself

  • Takes notes during the appointment so you have a record.
  • When note-taking, indicate if you have follow-up questions that will help you clarify information being shared by the doctor.
  • Ask for copies of medical reports or test results and keep them on record.
“Preparing for a Doctor’s Visit” checklist