Teva's commitment to biosimilars

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Teva Canada exists for one simple reason: to help people feel better and live better lives.

At Teva Canada we understand that the Canadian healthcare market is changing. We want to be an active partner of this change. That’s why we are focusing our research and development efforts on innovative biologics and biosimilars while remaining dedicated to providing products that both consumers and healthcare providers can trust.

Our well-established and trusted history in making and supplying medications can be seen in our strong product line of 1,800 medicines.

We are committed to building on this history through the investment and development of biosimilars that are comparable in safety, purity and potency.








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Understanding biosimilars

Dive deeper into the facts about Biosimilar.

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Biosimilars in the Canadian market

Take a look at the Biosimilar Regulatory pathway.

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Teva Canada is proud to be actively shaping the biosimilars market with innovative medicines.

See our commitment to a future in biosimilars