Meet Gina Cameron, Teva Canada Employee for 10 years!

We sat down to chat with Gina Cameron, Senior Manager, Sales National Oncology/Biosimilars & Regional Neurology, to talk about her 10-year tenure with Teva Canada.

Gina started her Teva Canada journey 10 years ago – and from Day 1 has enjoyed a strong relationship with her team and working in a positive, empowering environment. Even more important, she is proud to work at a company that is focused on meeting the needs of its customers and ultimately their patients.

“It’s all about their needs,” she said. “We have collaborative discussions with customers and build relationships to help patients get medications quickly and affordably.”

Gina counts the launch of two important oncology treatments and the recent launch of Ajovy as proud moments in her career, and highlights Teva’s commitment to the development of biosimilar medicines and the positive impact it has on the Canadian market by making more medicines available to more patients.

“Biosimilars are a huge benefit to the healthcare system,” she said. “We have had patients write in and thank us. It makes us proud that we work for a company like Teva.”

Gina is also extremely proud of her teams and all they have accomplished together and describes the transition of the entire specialty sales force and medical team to Teva as a good fit. “We have a central goal, with the patient at the center of everything we do, and a sense of empowerment that enables us to make things happen,” she said. “Everyone empowers each other. My team is engaged, motivated and empowered to bring their best each day, they’re on fire! I’m so incredibly proud of each of them!”

The Teva workplace fosters diversity and inclusion and recognizes that each person is unique, allowing them to shine, bloom and develop. On a personal level, Gina – who describes herself as a “Type AAA personality”– values working in a company culture that has heart. A recent example of this was a teambuilding day that was dedicated to volunteering in the community; the specialty sales force filled 100 backpacks with personal items and snacks for two women and children’s centers in Montréal. The feat not only boosted the recipients, but also gave the team a sense of contributing in a meaningful way back to the community in which we work. 

“I feel proud that we work at a company that allows us to do that,” said Gina. “Everything that we do is done with heart and good intentions. Everything we’re doing is making an impact.”

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