Meet Erin Rose, Teva Canada employee for 13 years

What’s the formula for success and satisfaction at work? Here’s a simple one: it takes two. That is, it takes both a driven employee as well as a nurturing workplace to conjure that special career magic. Erin Rose certainly has the first part of the equation covered. Her trajectory at Teva Canada—from her first job as Quality Assurance Associate, to Director, Head of Organized Data, PV Governance—is a testament to her competence, passion and leadership. Still, Erin credits the company where she got her start for giving her rich soil in which to blossom (“I feel like I grew up at Teva,” she says).

Erin knew she wanted to stay at Teva Canada from day one, when she was hired by a “really wonderful” manager for an afternoon shift in Quality Assurance for the packaging department. Her managers since then have supported her not only in her career journey but also as she began a family. Now, working in a global capacity, managing a diverse team, she says, “Not once have I ever felt held back. The sky is the limit.”

Erin believes that this kind of support is woven into the culture at Teva Canada—a culture that strongly values diversity and inclusion. “The diversity and inclusion culture here is quite incredible,” says Erin. “Diversity makes us better and moves us toward more innovative ideas.”

Teva Canada’s focus on internal development has also allowed Erin to grow into various roles and embrace new challenges. Erin says, “There’s really this atmosphere of wanting to develop the employees that are here, rather than always looking outward.” For the first five years at the company, she moved around different departments, learning the business and getting a deeper sense of how the departments interacted, before settling into global safety.

Erin came to Teva Canada from academia, where she completed two degrees in pharmacology, and has since also completed a graduate certificate in Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs & Quality Operations. “I’m a lifelong student,” she says. “I love to learn and be challenged, and that’s something that Teva satisfies. I am continuously learning.”

But of all the things that Erin appreciates about Teva Canada, one thing particularly stands out: her colleagues. “I’ve met some of the smartest, most dynamic people at Teva—such resilient people, who truly care about what we do,” she says. “We have the world’s largest medicine cabinet, and we allow people to manage their diseases, to feel relief, and to improve their overall health. That is the driving force, and it’s common to every single person that I’ve met here with a long tenure like mine.”

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