Meet Corrine Dias, Teva Canada employee for 12 years

In March 2011, Corrine Dias took a one-year contract position at Teva Canada, filling in a maternity-leave absence. Her career to this point had been entirely in the generic pharmaceutical industry, and she was well equipped for the role she took on: leading a clinical team that managed pharmacokinetic studies. The work was interesting, she found, and the people even better.

Her position was temporary, but she had an urge to stick around. “I definitely wanted to work with Teva Canada long term,” she says. “I knew this was the place for me.” The one-year contract turned into something longer lasting. Corrine has stayed at Teva Canada ever since and is currently Director Clinical Strategy & Operations.

But even a happily-ever-after story can be full of twists and turns. “Part of working in pharma is knowing that you are in a constantly changing environment,” she says. “Over my tenure at Teva, one certainty has been change. But with that’s come extreme growth.”

Some of those changes include managing global pharmacokinetic studies in emerging markets such as Mexico, Brazil, Thailand and Indonesia. Corrine travelled extensively during this “very exciting and very busy” time, and also honed her relationship-building skills. Another milestone followed when she moved to the US to work with a brand-new team managing larger studies for US submissions: “It was a great challenge that led to incredible growth for my Teva career."  

Now, back in Canada, she can identify at least one constant through all the change: unflagging support from her managers and her team. “My managers have always promoted my continuous growth and given me the tools I needed to succeed in new challenges,” says Corrine. “And the team I work with is always willing to take on ever more complex projects. Collaboration with my peers is the most important thing to me.” Some of Corrine’s fondest work memories have been forged over team potlucks or during business trips.

She points out that she’s far from the only individual who’s found lasting satisfaction at Teva Canada. “A number of my colleagues have been with the company for 10 or more years. I think that speaks volumes,” she says. She also believes that it’s hugely beneficial for employees themselves, who are given a nurturing environment in which to learn and grow.

 Over a decade in, Corrine’s still convinced that Teva Canada is the right fit for her. She appreciates the company’s societal contributions—from collecting clothing for women’s shelters to donating medicines and PPE to hospitals during COVID-19—as well as its ongoing care for employees, through initiatives like wellness webinars and mental-health toolkits.

 “I work at a company that really listens,” she says. “I work at a company that gives back. And when you have many people who have been here for over 10 years, you know that company is really there for its employees.”

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