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Brigit Bauer

Brigit Bauer

Birgit Bauer is one of the most influential bloggers about multiple sclerosis and healthcare in Germany.

  • Living With Condition: 18 Years
  • Location: Amberg, Germany

About Birgit Bauer

She started her blog in 2007. She supports “emsp” voluntary as “Advisor on Patient Issues”, is co-lead (PCWP) of the Digital Media & Health Topic Group at the European Medicines Agency and is involved in different advisory boards, committees and focus groups.

History with the condition

When Birgit was first diagnosed with MS her whole life changed. She didn’t know what was going on – only that a massive shift had happened in her life. But she has come a long way since.

She works with her business partner in her own company, the Manufaktur für Antworten UG, which was founded by her in 2005, after her diagnosis. Birgit works as Social Media and Communication Expert, Journalist and Speaker with a more than 12 years’ experience and specialisation in healthcare. 

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