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We support healthcare professionals in providing more in-depth services. 

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We can help you with your own needs as you help your loved one.

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Understanding a health condition can give you a greater sense of wellbeing and control.

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We are committed to providing Canadians with a range of oncology products and resources.

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COVID-19 is increasing the number of Canadians requiring caregiver information and support.

Learn about how to protect yourself and others in the home, as well as those in your community.

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"We work hard to make sure we prevent any issue from occurring wherever we can."

This International Women's Day, Lisa Cameron, Head of Quality Operations at Teva Canada, was profiled for her great work.

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Introducing: Teva-Everolimus

Our affordable alternative to Afinitor® 

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Introducing: Teva-Fingolimod

Our affordable alternative to Gilenya®.

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Introducing: HERZUMA® (trastuzumab)

A biosimilar to Herceptin®.

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Caring for someone with dementia?

Discover practical ways you can live your life to the fullest while caring for your loved one.

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