Storing your medication safely

Storing Medication

Tips to help you store your medication safely.

Accidental poisonings are on the rise

Accidental poisoning is a major cause of harm and death in Canada. One of the causes of accidental poisoning is someone, like a child, taking a medication that was not stored properly. Children are much smaller than adults, and even a small amount of some medications can cause major harm.

One of the things you can do today to protect your family is to properly store any medication in your home.

Here are some tips that can help you store your medication safely

Store all medication out of sight and reach of children, visitors and pets

Put all of your medication, including vitamins, out of reach and sight of children, visitors and pets. Many people keep their medications in their purse, on the kitchen table or in their nightstand. These places are unsafe because a child can easily reach them.

Keep medications in their original containers

Many people will take their medication out of their prescription bottles for convenience. Never combine different medications in the same bottle. Many calls to poison control happened when someone took medications that were stored in food or drink containers. It is best to store your medication in the prescription bottles with child-resistant lids.

Some people keep their medications in weekly organizers to help them remember. This is fine, but ALWAYS remember to keep these out of reach if a child is living in or visiting the home.

Store your medication in a safe, dry and cool place

The best place to store your medication is in a cool and dry place that is out of reach of children and pets. This should be up high and ideally something you can lock. It is best to keep them out of areas with direct sunlight, heat and moisture because they can break down your medicine. Whenever you take a medicine, it is important to return the bottles to your safe storage place.

Always remember to keep medicines locked up tight and out of sight.

Dispose of any unused medication properly

Having unused or expired medication in your home increases the risk of harm. If you have finished using any medication or if it is expired, bring it back to your pharmacy for proper disposal. Don’t flush it or throw it in the trash.

Know the numbers for poison control

If someone accidentally took a medication, it is important to call poison control immediately. They can tell you exactly what to do. Each province and territory have their own poison control centre. You can find the number for your poison control at

Remember, if a person may have taken a medication and they are unconscious, not breathing or having a seizure, call 911.

Take action today. Move your medication to a place that can’t be reached by any children or pet. You are doing your part to keep them safe.

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