Proper medication disposal

Safe disposal of medications can protect you and your family.

Get rid of unused or expired medications

Many people have several bottles of leftover medicines, either because they weren’t used, changed to a new medication or have expired. Did you know that taking these unused or expired medications can be dangerous because they may no longer work or can cause problems with other medications?

Tips to properly dispose of your medication

Ask your pharmacist about a medication review

In many provinces, you can book an appointment with your pharmacist to help you better understand your medications. This can include things such as reviewing what each of your medications does, potential side effects to look out for, and when and how to best take it. Consider bringing all your medications to these reviews and if there is anything you are not using, ask your pharmacist to safely dispose of them.

A medication review can help you learn more about your medications and safely dispose of any you no longer need.

Take unused medication back to your pharmacy

Return all unused medications to your local participating pharmacy. Empty all dry medication such as pills and tablets into a bag or container. Keep all liquids, creams and inhalers in their original packaging. Remove or black out any personal identification on the labels of medications you are returning.

Don’t flush or pour medication down the sink

Flushing medications is not recommended because it can be harmful for the environment. Flushing or pouring medication down the sink will put the medication into the local sewage system or release them directly into the environment; waste treatment is not designed to safely get rid of these drugs.

Did you know that a history of not disposing of medications properly has caused trace medicine to be in water and soil?

Don’t throw medication in your trash

Putting these medications in your home garbage is not recommended. Children and pets can get into trash bins and this can increase the risk of an accidental poisoning. It is much safer to bring the medication back to your pharmacy for proper disposal.

What can you do?

  1. Book an appointment for a medication review with your pharmacist.
  2. Check your medications at least every three to six months to see if there are any you don’t use or have expired.
  3. Don’t keep any medications you don’t need; they could harm you or someone in your home.
  4. Don’t flush or throw unused medications in the trash.
  5. Take all your expired or unused medications into your local pharmacy for disposal.
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