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Alzheimer’s disease resources for caregivers and loved ones

We’ve developed these easy-to-read, downloadable tip sheets to support you on your care journey with your loved one with Alzheimer’s.

Caregiving through the Alzheimer’s disease stages

Get insight into caregiving through each stage of Alzheimer’s disease, along with tips on dealing with the changes.



Tips for caring for a person with Alzheimer’s disease

Look into what you can do as a caregiver, both for your loved one as well as yourself.



Preparing for a doctor or pharmacy visit

This guide helps you with tips on how to be best prepared for an upcoming appointment with a doctor or pharmacist.



Communication changes in people with Alzheimer’s disease

This guide provides a primer on how to deal with the possible changes in the way Alzheimer’s patients communicate.



How to make the home safe for a person with Alzheimer’s disease

Get tips on home safety and small changes you can make to ensure your home is safe for your loved one.



Caregiver stress

Learn to identify the signs of caregiver stress, and find out what you can do to minimize it.



Considering when to move your loved one to a long-term care facility (nursing home)

Know how to identify the right time to consider long-term care and how to choose a facility.



End-of-life care

This guide answers questions you may have about how to deal with and talk about end-of-life care.