Ajovy™ Teva Support Solutions® (Ajovy™ TSS)

A patient support program designed to set a new standard of care for migraine patients who have been prescribed Ajovy™.

Ajovy™ Teva Support Solutions® (Ajovy™ TSS) Patient Support Program is staffed by qualified patient care specialists, trained to provide comprehensive and personalized support. From the moment the Ajovy™ TSS patient care specialist receives an Ajovy™ prescription, the TSS program provides end-to-end assistance for healthcare professionals and patients.

The program ensures a streamlined reimbursement navigation follow through, schedules the patients injection training appointment with a program guidance of a program-trained healthcare professional and follows the patient through their first self-injection.

Ajovy™ TSS offers the following services to healthcare professionals and patients prescribed Ajovy™:

  • Coordination of patient injection training
  • Personalized reimbursement navigation and investigation
  • Paperwork assistance
  • Dedicated Ajovy™ Nurse

Healthcare professionals and patients can inquire about these services by calling Ajovy™ TSS at the following numbers:  

8:00 a.m.–8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday–Friday
(except December 24 and 31)

Additional Information for patients and HCPs


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