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Employees in a manufacturing facility in Croatia
Photo taken in Teva Croatia

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Starting your career at Teva means embarking on a development journey that gives you diverse opportunities and experiences to support you in fulfilling your potential. The growth and development of our people is essential to ensuring the future success of our business.

The diverse nature of our business brings with it a rich variety of career paths. Whether your interest and experience are in R&D, manufacturing, supply chain, sales or elsewhere in our business, there are many paths to be explored across the 60 countries we operate in. Teva provides you access to these paths, encouraging you to grow and learn with a rewarding career.

Your personalized development plan

As a forward-thinking organization, we develop at a fast pace – and we want you to have that opportunity, too.

We will empower you to drive your development plan, so you can steer it to where you want to be, proactively seeking growth opportunities. In addition, you'll be encouraged to engage with your manager in a continuous and meaningful dialogue where the feedback will be structured to enhance your performance and inspire you to be at your best.

The importance of career growth

Navigating your career is more than proactively seeking growth opportunities, engaging in meaningful work, and aspiring to be at your best. It's also about learning new skills – part of Teva's career growth foundation.

To succeed in your current role and reach your full potential, it's essential to hone your skills – especially in the digital workplace. We provide you with the tools and training to maintain and enhance your capabilities, making you an active partner in retaining our company position as a leading pharmaceutical brand.

Our focus on the personal development of our people is reflected in the fact that almost 40% of our open positions are filled by Teva employees, with 25% of the positions being only offered internally.

Our learning opportunities for you

To support our employees and managers, we offer a range of knowledge resources and development opportunities for professional and personal development. In addition, we've designed our internal development programs to provide you with the essential skills needed to succeed in the current and future workplace.

We also provide learning opportunities through “Teva Grow" and “LinkedIn learning” which are our dedicated digital learning portfolios. It gives every employee various hybrid learning options to maintain their competitive capabilities in the market, with access to more than 17,000 industry-leading courses.

Our L&D philosophy is the 10/20/70 rule where we know that majority of the learning occurs on the job. We also encourage cross-functional learning opportunities, and a tuition reimbursement for our employees.

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