Terms and conditions


Teva reserves the right, without prior notification, to implement changes to terms, conditions and pricing unless otherwise specified.

Applicable taxes, as required by law, will be added to the invoices.

Invoice prices are those in effect at the time of receipt of orders.

Payments and terms

Unless otherwise indicated, invoice payment terms for generics are 2% 30 days; net 90 and net 30 for branded products unless otherwise indicated.

Invoice payments can be remitted:

  • Electronically to: Teva’s account at JP Morgan Chase Bank
  • By EFT remittance to: EFT.PaymentCentre@tevacanada.com
  • Cheque payments: P.O. Box 12234, Station A, Toronto, ON M5W 0K5

Order minimum and transportation

All direct orders must meet a minimum of $500.00 (before tax).

Transportation charges are prepaid by Teva using the carrier and delivery method of choice, in the most economical and prompt manner.

Claims and returns

All product returns for credit must be pre-approved through a Return Merchandise Authorization issued by Teva Canada, in its sole discretion. Requests for return must clearly indicate relevant information pertaining to the shipment and products (product name, quantity, lot number and expiration date).

Merchandise lost or damaged in transit

Claims for damaged products or shortages of goods in a shipment prepaid by Teva Canada, must be reported to a Teva Canada Customer Care Representative within 30 days from receipt of delivery.

A returned product will not be accepted if it has been subjected to improper storage, exposed to fire or smoke, or involved in a fire or bankruptcy sale.

Expired products

Short-dated and expired products are eligible for credit or replacement under the following conditions:

  • Products must be within 3 months of expiry and no more than 12 months after expiry.
  • Products must at least be 1/4 of a bottle fullness.
  • Where retail pharmacy expired claim is valued at $2,000 and over, products must be returned to Teva with a Return Merchandise Authorization requested from a Customer Care Representative.
  • Expired claims must be accompanied by a detailed list that includes product names, lot numbers and expiry dates.

Narcotic and controlled returns

Narcotic and controlled substances must be approved by Teva Canada and require a written Chain of Signature authorization from Teva QPIC prior to return.


Credits will be based on the original acquisition or current cost—whichever price is lower and subject to adjustment for any applicable professional allowances, discounts or other ordinary commercial terms.

No credit will be issued on a product that has been sold on a non-returnable basis.


Backorders will remain open up to a maximum of 60 days from order date unless otherwise specified.


Recall information will be communicated in detail to all affected customers. Questions or concerns regarding a recall can be directed to our Customer Service team.

  • Recall product must be returned to the point of purchase.
  • Credit will be issued by Teva for direct purchases only.

Quality complaints

All adverse events are to be reported to Teva Canada within 24 hours by contacting Customer Service directly or by email to:


Upon receipt, adverse events are documented and assessed by Teva Pharmacovigilance to detect potential safety signals.


Teva Canada cannot be held responsible for any failure to fulfill a contract or supply any product for causes beyond its control. These include but are not limited to fire, interruption of transportation, unavoidable accidents or force majeure.

Contact Customer Service at:

Tel: 1-800-268-4129
Fax: 1-800-387-4733
Email: customer.service@tevacanada.com

For customer service and other contact information, click here.