Provincial caregiver support organizations

The following organizations help support caregivers in specific provinces through resources, care-related programs and specialized services.


Caregivers Alberta

Caregivers Alberta is an organization of caregivers, for caregivers. They focus on caregivers as individuals, helping them maintain their wellbeing rather than teaching them how to be better caregivers.

British Columbia

Family Caregivers of British Columbia

This non-profit society’s mission is to improve the quality of life for family caregivers through support, information and education. They provide leadership to strengthen the voice of family caregivers and promote the significance of their role.

Nova Scotia

Caregivers Nova Scotia

Caregivers Nova Scotia provides free programs, services, information and advocacy for family and friend caregivers.



This site aims to connect family caregivers with a wide range of information, services and supports available in Ontario.

Ontario Caregiver Coalition

This group of individuals and organizations is dedicated to recognizing the importance of unpaid caregivers in Ontario by raising awareness of the value they add to the healthcare system, and by advocating for improved, fair access to needed supports.

Ontario Caregiver Organization

A not-for-profit funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health, the Ontario Caregiver Organization offers comprehensive assistance, from resources to information on peer support groups, through a convenient single point of access, including a 24/7 telephone support line.



Servicing the province of Quebec, l’Appui pour les proches aidants d’aînés was created in 2009 to help improve the quality of life of those providing care to older adults by facilitating their daily tasks and ensuring that they take full advantage of available resources.

Regroupement des aidants naturels du Québec (RANQ)

The RANQ is an organization in Quebec that aims to improve the quality of life of caregivers in Quebec.