Generic name

salbutamol sulfate

Brand Reference


Therapeutic Class

Bronchodilator/Beta2-adrenergic agonist


2 mg/ml



Product form


Teva Salbutamol Sterinebs P.F. 2mg mL

Product Details

Product Code


Pack Size

83365-0120 068510179890 Unit Dose Vial (UDV) 20 x 2.5mL


Please view the product monograph to find details of all ingredients contained in this product.  For additional generic & OTC product inquiries, please call 1-800-268-4127, option 3 or email


Store between 2°C - 25°C. Leave product in the carton when not used.


All information about raw materials and / or allergen information for Teva Canada’s products is obtained from our suppliers and/or third party affiliates and is based on their records.

Please be advised that the Medical Information department is not always notified of change in third party affiliates and / or change in suppliers of the excipients that may occur over time, and all information provided herein is based on our last current records.

"Latex" – refers to NATURAL RUBBER LATEX. We cannot guarantee that there is no latex in the outer packaging or that the medication or packaging haven’t come into contact with latex at any point during the manufacturing process, however this is very unlikely due to the strict GMP procedures that are in place in all of our manufacturing facilities. Employees in the manufacturing and / or packaging facilities may be wearing latex gloves