Availability of UK-Labelled Product – Salbutamol Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI)

PrSalamol CFC-Free

(100 mcg salbutamol per metered dose)

In consultation with Health Canada, limited stock of Teva’s UK-labelled Salbutamol Inhaler (100 mcg per metered dose) has been imported to help alleviate the current market shortage due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Both Teva’s Canadian and UK-labelled products are available and allocated to meet patient need in retail community pharmacy and within the hospital setting.


Same as Canadian product, PrTeva-Salbutamol HFA (DIN 02326450).


Submissions have been made to Provincial Formularies and Private Payers. Please use ODB issued PIN 09858115.


This product was imported via a special Health Canada mechanism; therefore, provinces may not list in a traditional manner. The Pharmacy Scope of Practice differs in each province and may require approval from the prescriber.


No returns will be accepted.

How to Order

Distribution strategy is dependent on the date of reimbursement in each jurisdiction. Please see distributor codes below:

Strength Format Code CPDN McKesson McMahon K&F Imperial Familiprix PJC
100 mcg Inhaler 83374-0053 800615 151875 10118440 163247 990615 136771 761644

Important Safety Information


Comparison of Canadian and UK-labelled product

Criteria Canadian Product UK-labelled Product
Label Language English and French English
Product Name Teva-Salbutamol HFA Salamol CFC-Free Inhaler
Strength 100 mcg per actuation 100 mcg per metered dose
Presentation Inhaler, 200 metered doses Inhaler, 200 metered doses
Product Code 83373-0053 83374-0053
UPC 068510550019 (12 digit) 05023497400615 (14 Digit)
523497400615 (12 Digit)
Active Ingredient Salbutamol Sulfate Salbutamol Sulfate
Non Active Ingredients Ethanol, HFA-134a
(1, 1, 1, 2-tetrafl uoroethane)
Ethanol anhydrous (alcohol),
propellant norfl urane (HFA-134a)
Marketing Authorization DIN 02326450 PL 00530/0555
(MA) PrSalamol CFC-Free Canadain.png PrSalamol CFC-Free UK.png


For further information please contact your Teva Sales Representative, Key Account Manager or Customer Care at 1.800.268.4129. Thank you for your continued support.