Podcast: Pharmacy support for caregivers during the COVID-19 pandemic

Caregivers may be concerned that access to healthcare may be more difficult during the pandemic: How do I get access to essential medications while social distancing? Will there be enough medication? How can my pharmacy help me and my loved one?

In this latest Huddol Lifecast, we talk with pharmacist Mike Boivin. Despite how fast the Coronavirus has hit, Mike reassuringly explains that your pharmacy will be there when you need it: “The problem with COVID-19 is just how quickly it came into place... you can be assured that pharmacists will be there to help caregivers and the people they’re caring for.”

Listen to practical advice about how to ready yourself to work closely with your pharmacy team through careful planning and foresight. Mike shares simple ways caregivers can stay calm, cool and collected in an otherwise stressful period.

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