Pharmacist CEs

Provide greater support for patients and their caregivers

We’re committed to helping healthcare professionals gain a deeper understanding of supporting patients and their caregivers, and of the role that generic medications play in a strong, sustainable healthcare system.

Caregiver-friendly pharmacy training program

Learn to identify and support caregivers as clients in their own right.
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Generic Drugs: Addressing common patient concerns with confidence

Help patients remain confident that they are taking the correct medication.
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Explore more resources designed to help you support patients and caregivers in your pharmacy

Life Effects™: Real people, real stories

Insights, support and tips by people living with a chronic condition.
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Medications and COVID-19: Facts and controversies

A non-accredited lesson designed to help you support patients during this crisis.
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Protection in the age of COVID-19

A non-accredited lesson that focuses on key questions related to the transmission of COVID-19.
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Injection administration video series

Be prepared for any injection request with these short, practical video demonstrations.
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Health and wellness resources

Browse resources on specific health conditions and general wellness for patients and caregivers.
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Counselling checklists

Provide patients with instructions on how to administer common pharmaceutical products.
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Become a caregiver - friendly pharmacy

Nearly 80% of Canadians say the role of caregivers needs to be better recognized by pharmacists.

Learn how to implement your pharmacy caregiver program Become a caregiver - friendly pharmacy

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