Fingolimod support

Teva-Fingolimod Patient Care Program

Provide your patients with the support they need when starting treatment with Teva-Fingolimod.

Patients prescribed with PrTeva-Fingolimod have access to the bilingual Teva-Fingolimod Patient Care ProgramSM. By helping patients enrol, you ensure they receive the support they need while taking this medication.

The program contains two key components:

  • First-dose monitoring: This is required for all patients starting fingolimod hydrochloride treatment for the first time or restarting treatment if interrupted. It involves observation at a clinic for at least six hours and includes an electrocardiogram for signs and symptoms of bradyarrhythmia.
  • Financial support: The Teva-Fingolimod Patient Care ProgramSM can offer reimbursement and financial assistance to enroled patients. For patients who qualify, the pharmacy will be reimbursed in the same way as any other third-party plan.

We’ve also created materials to help explain the program and its benefits to patients. These support materials are available as a PDF download—or speak to your Teva Canada Sales Representative to obtain hard copies.

Program enrolment form:  

Use this easy-to-understand form to help your patients enrol. You may also call to enrol at 1-855-868-7622.

Download enrolment form


Quick-Start portal: 

Alternatively, pharmacies with a valid fingolimod prescription can quickly start a patient enrolment by accessing our Quick-Start Portal. In just a few minutes, an enrolment is initiated and a virtual financial assistance card can be generated for immediate use. The patient will be contacted by the Teva-Fingolimod Patient Care Program to complete the enrolment process and discuss if further assistance beyond the Quick-Start Financial Assistance Card is needed.

If you require assistance or have any questions, contact the program at 1-855-868-7622. We are here to support you.

Go to Quick-Start Portal


Program details and how it works: 

Gain a better understanding of the specific operation of the program and reimbursement process.

Download pharmacist Q&A


Patient Q&A bag stuffer: 

Include this bag stuffer to help your patients take home valuable information about the program and generic drugs.

Download it here


    How do I help enrol a patient?

    Prescribers, pharmacists, technicians or pharmacy assistants can initiate enrolment. To enrol a patient, call 1-855-868-7622 or fax 1-855-212-7872. A Patient Care Specialist will guide you through the enrolment process and provide you with everything you need to get patients started on Teva-Fingolimod

    If you have any questions about this program, please contact your Teva Canada Sales Representative or the Teva-Fingolimod Patient Care Specialists at 1-855-868-7622.