Helping pharmacies care for caregivers

As a crucial point of contact in the healthcare system, pharmacies can be accessible, invaluable partners to caregivers.

Across Canada, we’re working with a number of pharmacies that have received accredited training to help support caregivers. These pharmacies can help you on your care journey to strengthen your relationship with your pharmacist and to find networks of support. You can find a participating pharmacy below, under “Find a pharmacy that’s ready to care for you.”

We’ve teamed up with Huddol to offer FREE caregiver access to 1-to-1 online coaching and counselling. Sign up here, using the promo code “TevaCares.”

When pharmacists and caregivers work together, patients get the best possible care. Learn about the vital role each plays and why the two are essential allies.

Find a pharmacy that’s ready to care for you

Check out the map below to find a pharmacy that’s been trained to support caregivers like you. If you input your address or location, the map will display the pharmacy that is closest to that location. PLEASE NOTE: This map indicates pharmacies that have voluntarily completed training to support caregivers. Because this is a relatively new initiative, you may not yet have a caregiver-friendly pharmacy in your area. Feel free to share this website with your pharmacist and encourage them to consider becoming a caregiver-friendly pharmacy.