Pharmacy tools & resources

Teva is committed to advancing the profession of pharmacy. We’re proud to share with you our continuing education programs for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, as well as patient support materials such as counselling guides, community seminars, in-store clinics and more.

Pharmacy programs

Help enrol your patients in this national, bilingual support program.

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Collaborate with your patients to ensure that Teva-Fentanyl patches are used correctly and disposed of safely.

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Expand the scope of your practice with a range of immunization and injection services.

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Learn to identify and support caregivers as clients in their own right.

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Community seminars

Provide support to patients—and their caregivers—with these disease-state presentations to help you educate your community and highlight your knowledge. 

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Deliver fun, age-appropriate education for children, on topics such as handwashing, allergies and smoking.

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Counselling tools

These guides are designed to help you engage and inform your patients on topics such as diabetes, heart health, immunizations, osteoporosis and more.

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Provide patients with an easy-to-use reference on how to administer a variety of pharmaceutical products with these illustrated, step-by-step instructions.

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Explore by therapeutic area

Support ADHD patients and their caregivers with in-store counselling, health and wellness handouts, community seminars and more.

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Support HIV patients and their caregivers with in-store counselling, and health and wellness handouts.

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Get the education and tools you need to assess and address patient concerns about diabetes.

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Get the education and tools you need to administer immunizations and injections, and advise on vaccine requirements.

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