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Emma is the sole income earner and a caregiver for her wife, who has multiple sclerosis, and their son, who has developmental delays. In this video by well-known travel blogger Nas Daily, Emma describes how the strength and unity of her family has been key to helping them survive their challenges.

Helping her father—who has dementia—with medical appointments, groceries, cooking and cleaning is a big commitment for Anne-Marie. But in this video directed by Nas Daily, she has great advice for other caregivers about seeking out local resources: “You’ll never regret asking for help.”

David Boughner of Teva Canada talks about the critical role caregivers play in Canada’s healthcare system, and why Teva is committed to partnering with pharmacies across Canada to give caregivers the recognition and support they deserve.

Mark Stolow of Huddol discusses the profound impact caregiving can have on a person’s life—mentally, physically, emotionally, socially and financially—and why caring for caregivers is a smart investment.

When pharmacists and caregivers work together, patients get the best care possible. Mark Stolow of Huddol explains the vital role each plays—and why the two are essential allies.

As her mother’s caregiver for many years, social worker Lucy Barylak knows firsthand the challenges that caregivers face. Here, she talks about the stress, guilt and denial that many caregivers experience, and the importance of asking for help.

The healthcare system can be intimidating, and speaking up for the needs of your loved one or yourself isn’t always easy. But as social worker and caregiving expert Lucy Barylak explains, caregivers have a voice—and it deserves to be heard.

Social worker and family caregiver expert Stephanie Erickson stresses the importance of caregiver input to the patient-care process and shares how healthcare professionals can better engage caregivers throughout.

As both a pediatric emergency physician and a caregiver to a son with epilepsy, Sasha Dubrovsky has a unique perspective on the care journey. Here, he describes how empowering caregivers to speak up—and encouraging healthcare professionals to listen—results in better outcomes for all involved.