Become a caregiver-friendly pharmacy—in five easy steps

This quick guide and toolkit make it easy to implement a caregiver support program in your pharmacy.

Implement our caregiver-friendly pharmacy program in your pharmacy—in just five steps, you’ll be able to build your customer base and provide a valuable service to your community.

We’ve created a comprehensive set of resources for you:

This guide breaks down the implementation process into five easy steps that you can follow at your own pace:
Step 1: Complete the Caregiver-Friendly Pharmacy Training Program.
Step 2: Download Teva Canada’s caregiver resources.
Step 3: Tailor your caregiver products and services to your pharmacy’s strengths.
Step 4: Get the entire team on board.
Step 5: Start helping caregivers!

Download the guide

The caregiver screening tool includes conversation starters designed to help you quickly and easily identify caregivers in the pharmacy. It also includes a questionnaire to determine if a caregiver is having issues with providing care. This questionnaire, What Are Your Caregiving Needs?, is available as a tear pad from your Teva Canada Sales Representative, or it can be downloaded here.

Download the caregiver screening tool

We’ve created a screening tool for occasions when you’ve identified a caregiver providing care for a loved one with a specific medical condition. This will allow you to determine the services and information that your pharmacy can provide to the caregiver, both today and as the disease progresses.

The following disease-specific screening tool is currently available to download:

This screening tool is also available as a form from your Teva Canada Sales Representative. Check back soon, as we’re developing screening tools for other conditions.

Our disease-specific resources include materials that you can use with a caregiver to educate them about the patient’s disease and its management, as well as caregiving.

The first set of resources being offered is for Alzheimer’s disease, as this is an exceptionally common condition seen in pharmacy practice. It includes 19 topics, which can be assembled in a flexible, modular way to address caregiver questions and issues that are specifically related to Alzheimer’s disease. Download the Alzheimer’s disease education resources. Find more resources for Alzheimer’s caregivers here.

We’ve created other resources to help inform and support caregivers, such as in-store promotional materials, including posters, counter decals, caregiver-engagement tools and more. These materials will help encourage caregivers to self-identify and learn about the services and products your pharmacy can offer, without requiring any significant time commitment from your staff.

View resources

At Teva Canada, we’ve created many additional resources that can help a caregiver navigate the caregiving journey. These include caregiver guides, checklists, recommended support organizations, a map of caregiver-friendly pharmacies and more.

View all downloadable resources for caregivers

Continuing education for pharmacy teams: Caregiver-Friendly Pharmacy Training Program

This three-module training program, available for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, offers:

  • insight into the caregiver experience
  • tools and strategies to optimize the caregiver-pharmacist relationship
  • resources and information on how pharmacists can support caregivers

This program has been accredited by CCCEP for 1.5 Continuing Education Units. To learn more about this program or to register, please click here.

Help caregivers find you

Have you completed the Caregiver-Friendly Pharmacy Training Program? Then, it’s time to let caregivers know how to find you. Click here to add your contact information to our interactive map of caregiver-friendly pharmacies.

Please note: It can take up to two weeks for your pharmacy to be validated and added to the map. If you have any questions, please contact your Teva Canada sales representative.

To check out the map, click here.