Immunization and injection resources

Explore these handy immunization resources that include a counselling guide, an adult community seminar, and a list of tools for you and your patients.

Immunization and Injection Counselling Guide

All the immunization information you need at your fingertips. This guide for pharmacists includes:

  • rules and regulations for pharmacist injectors according to province
  • vaccination schedules for all ages
  • a refresher on vaccine components and timing
  • benefits, administration protocols, risks and FAQs for frequently used vaccines
  • travel vaccine options and tips
  • tips for communicating with patients about vaccine myths
  • 10 multiple choice questions that will enable you to obtain 1.0 CE unit

To see the Immunization and Injection Counselling Guide, along with our other counselling guides, click here.

Adult Community Seminar—Vaccines

Engaging PowerPoint slides with accompanying speaker’s notes, a pharmacist refresher and participant handouts will help you educate your community about:

  • the benefits of vaccines and how they work
  • recommended vaccines for all ages
  • travel vaccines
  • myths surrounding vaccine use

Click here to access all our Adult Community Seminars and download materials.