Diabetes: Take the lead in your community

Get the education and tools you need to assess and address patient concerns about diabetes—and take a stronger role in helping patients in your community.

Diabetes patient support program

Enhance your practice with a comprehensive approach to preventing and managing diabetes. Diabetes and prediabetes affect over nine million Canadians—and 20 people are newly diagnosed every hour of the day. Teva Canada’s Diabetes Management Program provides you with the education and tools you need to assess and address patients’ concerns about diabetes and its complications, and to demonstrate your expertise in this area.

This concise counselling guide is packed with information that will help you educate your patients about diabetes for improved quality of life and reduced risk of complications.

Use this guide to:

  • promote adherence and recommend appropriate supplements to increase revenue
  • elevate the profession of pharmacy in patients’ minds
  • enhance your professional image

To view the Diabetes Counselling Guide, along with our other counselling guides, click here.

Engaging PowerPoint slides with accompanying speaker’s notes, pharmacist refresher and participant handouts will help you educate your community about:

  • risk factors for diabetes
  • diabetes complications
  • how to prevent diabetes through healthy lifestyle
  • medications used to treat diabetes

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Accredited by the Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy (CCCEP).

Certification Program: Comprehensive Diabetes Educator (CDE) preparation course (20.0 CEUs; $247.50; Register)

This certificate program has been designed with the goal of helping busy pharmacists provide optimal care for their patients with diabetes. The program will also help health professionals prepare for the Certified Diabetes Educator exam in a manner that is flexible and suited to their individual needs.

My Diabetes Care Plan monitoring tool

It is very important for diabetes patients to keep their blood glucose in the normal range. This is best accomplished through self-monitoring of blood glucose and documentation of the results using this convenient patient tool. The results can be shared with a healthcare professional at each appointment and be used to make adjustments to food, exercise and/or medication on an ongoing basis.

To download a PDF copy, click here.

Understanding Diabetes patient handbook

This patient handbook provides information on a wide range of topics important to people with diabetes, helping them better understand their condition. It includes an immunization record, a guide to the glycemic index (GI), an overview of diabetes medications, tips on monitoring blood glucose, FAQs and much more.

To download a PDF copy, click here.