Become a caregiver-friendly pharmacy

Nearly 80% of Canadians say the role of caregivers needs to be better recognized by pharmacists.

As a pharmacist, you have a unique opportunity to engage caregivers in countless ways, from helping them feel confident managing medications to providing tools and critical emotional support. This, in turn, translates into deeper customer relationships and increased loyalty to your pharmacy.

We’ve prepared a robust collection of resources to help you identify and engage caregivers in your pharmacy, which will show you how to:

  • improve the caregiver-pharmacist relationship, with the goal of better supporting the patient
  • support caregiver health and wellbeing with tangible resources and tools

Review the following resources to see how you can get started today:

Caregiver-Friendly Pharmacy Training Program (accredited continuing education program)

Implementing your own caregiver-friendly pharmacy program

Teva Canada’s resources for caregivers

Why does Teva care for caregivers?

Watch the below video to see why caregivers need our—and your—support.