Teva-Teriparatide Patient Care Program

Provide your patients with the support they need when starting treatment with Teva-Teriparatide.

  • Patients prescribed with PrTeva-Teriparatide have access to the bilingual Teva-Teriparatide Patient Care ProgramSM. By helping patients enrol, you ensure they receive the support they need while taking this medication.

    The program contains two key components:

    • Injection training: PrTeva-Teriparatide is a once-a-day self-injection. For new and existing patients, injection training is provided by registered nurses to ensure the product is being self-administered effectively.
    • Financial support: The Teva-Teriparatide Patient Care ProgramSM can offer reimbursement and financial assistance to enroled patients. For patients who qualify, the pharmacy will be reimbursed in the same way as any other third-party plan.

    We’ve also created materials to help explain the program and its benefits to patients. These support materials are available as a PDF download:

    • Program enrolment form: Use this easy-to-understand form to help your patients enrol. Download it here.
    • Patient information letter: This letter outlines the services provided by the program to your patients. Download it here.
    • Patient injection instructions: This patient injection instruction guide provides step-by-step directions to use the self-injector pen to administer the medication. Download it here.

How do I help enrol a patient?

Prescribers, pharmacists, technicians or pharmacy assistants can initiate enrolment. To enrol a patient, fax the completed enrolment form to 1-833-377-0557 or email it to Case managers are available to guide you through the enrolment process and provide you with everything you need to get patients started on PrTeva-Teriparatide.

For complete details about the program and how it works

Download our Pharmacist Q&A. It will provide all the details you need to help you understand the specific operation of the program and the reimbursement process.


If you have any questions about this program, please contact your Teva Canada Sales Representative or the Teva-Teriparatide Patient Care case managers at 1-877-445-6984.