Generic Drugs: Addressing Common Patient Concerns with Confidence

Teva Canada’s CCCEP-accredited online education experience for the whole pharmacy team.

Even though approximately 70% of prescriptions are dispensed with generic drugs,* many patients remain misinformed or confused when it comes to generic medications.

With this online program, you and your team will improve your confidence and ability to explain bioequivalence and generic medications when patients express a preference for a brand-name drug. This will help to foster stronger, more trusting and longer-term relationships with patients.

This CCCEP-accredited program features three online education components:

Part 1: Helping Patients Understand Bioequivalence—Provides the background knowledge about Health Canada standards for bioequivalence and the economic benefits of generic drugs.

Part 2: Communication Principles for Handling Difficult Situations—Describes and applies the elements of the L.A.S.T. approach (Listen, Acknowledge, Solve, Thank), and uses patient scenario videos to put theory into action.

Part 3: Common Patient Questions and Encounters—Suggests responses to common patient questions about generic drugs.

The program includes a reference document that provides easy-to-access answers to common patient questions, which you can access and download here.

It also includes interactive video vignettes featuring different common patient concerns and circumstances. These videos demonstrate how a pharmacy technician or pharmacist can best handle potentially difficult patient situations:

“This drug looks different than the one I have been taking and doesn’t have the same name. Is it the same?”

Click to view vignette #1a

Click to view vignette #1b

“I was given a substitute once before and I had a bad reaction to the non-medicinal ingredients. Can I have the original brand?”

Click to view vignette #2a

Click to view vignette #2b

“My doctor gave me this card to get the brand-name drug—is that because it is of higher quality?”

Click to view vignette #3a

Click to view vignette #3b

Generic Medications: Addressing Common Patient Concerns with Confidence is accredited for 1.5 CE units. It is also available, for 1.0 CE unit, in a one-hour PowerPoint format for an interactive workshop environment.

To learn more about this program or to register, please click here.

*IMS CompuScript MAT April 2015