Meet Brenda Brett, Teva Canada employee for over 40 years

We met with Brenda Brett, Customer Service Center Specialist III – one of Teva Canada’s most tenured employee for 43 years!

Brenda Brett was just 18 years old when she stepped off a plane in the big city of Toronto from her hometown in Newfoundland. Two days later, she started a new job at Novopharm Limited (Teva Canada’s previous company name) where her journey began in the Packaging department.

Brenda indicates that on her second day on the job, she was asked to work overtime; she recalls that she agreed but was nervous to take the bus at nights on her own in such a big city. Her colleagues were supportive and made her feel less nervous.

Originally, Brenda started in the Packaging department. She was promoted to a Junior Office Clerk shortly after in the customer service department, where she continued her career after multiple promotions.

She recalls that the office was smaller then, and only consisted of a receptionist, five inside sales representatives, two billing clerks, two order entry clerks, her supervisor, her manager, and Leslie Dan (owner of Novopharm Limited). Today, the office is much bigger with so many more colleagues supporting our patients and customers.

Within a short time, Brenda transitioned into various functions in the department, where she continued to learn new skills and grow relationships with her colleagues and customers. From Junior Billing Clerk, she was promoted to multiple other positions within the department. Today, Brenda’s role is the Senior Customer Service Specialist at Teva Canada. 

Brenda brings those invaluable years of experience and connections to her job every day. “There have been many challenges and certainly a lot of changes that I have seen over the past 43 years,” she says. “But my experiences have all been very memorable!”

Brenda is proud to be a member of the Teva Canada team – and not only because it is a great place to work that provides job security and good benefits. “I get to work with wonderful people,” she says. “And I am proud to work for a company that does so much for others by giving back to the community, in ways such as our Teva Care Plan, providing medication to those who are less fortunate, and through our donations to developing countries.”

For Brenda, a long and successful career is all about building – and nurturing – connections with others.

“What I enjoy the most about working for Teva over the past 43 years, is the people and the relationships that I have been able to build both with colleagues and customers whom I have had the privilege to know on a personal level,” she says. “There have been many wonderful experiences, laughter and treasured memories.”