Giving back: Donations and grants

Causes we support

Our roots run deep in the communities we serve. In addition to directly helping patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals through support and resources, we also support the causes, associations and communities that matter to the people we serve.

We also encourage and create opportunities for our employees to volunteer their time and expertise to help our partners address social challenges worldwide. We are all members of the communities in which we live and work, and we’re committed to strengthening local social infrastructure. Together, we aim to create long-term, systemic change for patients most at risk.

Every year, our employees come together for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada’s MS Bike Tour to raise awareness and funds for multiple sclerosis (MS) research.

Teva Canada employees, along with members of our Shared Solutions® team, also participate in the annual MS Society walk. The Shared Solutions® team has won multiple prizes for its commitment and achievements during that span. Historically, the team has been, and continues to be, recognized for its high number of participants, averaging 100 members per year—one of the largest teams in Québec.

At Teva Canada, we’re proud to have donated millions of dollars’ worth of essential medicines over the years to Canadian medical missionaries working in developing countries, in conjunction with global partners such as Health Partners International of Canada (HPIC), World Vision and UNICEF.

In early 2015, we were pleased to select HPIC as the administrators of Teva Canada’s medication donation program. This new arrangement will continue our vision and effectively support non-profit organizations and vulnerable communities around the world. With this partnership, we aim to reach the most beneficiaries through a coordinated response that maximizes resources and continues to align with the World Health Organization’s Guidelines for Medicine Donations.

Our product donations to HPIC, such as antibiotics, help healthcare workers and aid organizations in their medical missions. They also allow vulnerable patients to access medications that they may not be able to afford and to avoid medicines of unknown quality.

Teva Canada is a strong supporter of Centraide du Grand Montréal. Sixty-five percent of Teva Canada employees participate in our annual fundraising campaign.

With a commitment to promoting best practices that protect the environment, Teva Canada has developed an internal “Green Team” dedicated to discovering new means to reduce, reuse and recycle resources. The Green Team encourages the participation of employees and their families to demonstrate that the smallest personal and collective actions can contribute to maintaining the health of our environment.

Grant and donation requests

We will consider supporting a grant request for a targeted, identified project, study or other healthcare-related endeavour, received from eligible organizations, such as public or governmental organizations, healthcare professional associations, patient advocacy groups, patient groups and universities. Requests must be sent well in advance of the activity and be complete.

Requests must:

  • be formally submitted in writing on the organization’s legal letterhead
  • be endorsed by a representative of the potential recipient organization
  • describe the organization making the request
  • set forth a legitimate need
  • explain the purpose of the grant
  • be forward-looking (grants may not compensate expenses already incurred by the recipient organization)
  • specify the amount of funding sought
  • include a cost breakdown setting out the purpose of the donation or how the organization intends to use the donation

Additional criteria

Teva is committed to supporting innovative, high-quality initiatives that provide patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals with evidence-based, clinically relevant, performance-based education, all to advance healthcare practice and improve patient outcomes. Below are some common reasons for declining a request:

  • Incomplete grant proposal or insufficiently described needs assessment
  • Failure to submit the request at least 60 days in advance
  • Scope of proposal not aligned with Teva's interest or compliance requirements
  • Low reach in relation to the program cost
  • Multiple requests submitted for same event or program


If you or your organization are interested in submitting a grant or donation request, please submit your proposal in writing to